Working Class…From Job Seeker to Money Maker

By Marjorie Kavanagh, Owner & President of Panoramic Resumes, LLC

Summer Reading!

The mere utterance of the words “summer reading” brings me back to my high school days when I was required to read five books per summer and take as many tests on the assignment every September. No tests here – but I offer my Top 5 picks to jumpstart summer reading geared toward job search and professional development:

Cracking the Hidden Job Market by Donald Asher — This book is a game changer for job searchers in that it provides straightforward actionable strategies for “finding” about 80% of the jobs out there that are never posted. It will transform your feeling of apprehension about networking, because step by step, you will discover productive and invigorating new ways to find a job. You will find yourself stepping away from job boards and becoming actively engaged with others to successfully land your next job.

The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins — This Harvard Business Review publication provides proven strategies for assimilating to a new job with agility and smarts! Imagine having a road map to navigate maybe the most important thing you can in a new job – establishing fit with the culture, team members, and leadership. Also learn strategies for developing an optimal business plan that garners buy-in from key stakeholders and executive leadership.

Strength Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath — This #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller helps you discover and leverage your Top 5 Talents for personal and professional success. Developed by a team of Gallup scientists, 34 most common strengths were identified and a simple assessment was developed to help you discover your Top 5. The book and companion website contain a myriad of strategies for applying your strengths in both your personal and professional life. ( — LinkedIn, the world’s most popular professional networking site, now boasts LinkedIn Pulse, an online news source, as one of its top features. Members can follow “Channels” that are broken into broad-based topics such as marketing, healthcare, technology, finance, leadership, and careers. According to LinkedIn, following Channels connected to your business or profession will keep you ahead of industry trends and allow you to engage with business leaders. Through the Channels Influencer program, you can follow and comment on the posts of top leaders across a myriad of fields. Here are some Influencers you may recognize and others that I hope you will be influenced to look up: Richard Branson, Jack Welch, Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Maria Shriver, Ali Veshi, Jim Kim, David Edelman, Angela Ahrendts, Claire-Diaz Ortiz, Trish Regan, and Michelle Rhee. — Opt-in to any topic of interest and SmartBrief will “satisfy your professional appetite for intelligence by sifting through thousands of sources throughout the day, selecting the most important information and editorially distilling it into a must-read briefing tailored to your profession.” You will receive 10 to 12 handpicked articles on a daily basis.

Enjoy your summer reads!