Voyagers’ Community School Announces New Pre-K Expansion

When Voyagers’ Community School first opened in 2004, the original student body numbered seven. Today, this pre-kindergarten to grade 12 school, located at 215 Broad Street in Eatontown, has grown to become a leader in progressive education and a working model of an approach to learning and teaching inspired by the Reggio Emilia schools of Italy. Students grow life skills and intellect while learning traditional academics in a non-traditional environment that prioritizes creativity, curiosity, independence, outdoor exploration, and respect. Beginning in September 2016, Voyages’ will expand its preschool community to welcome infants (ages 12 weeks to 14 months) and toddlers (one- to two-year-olds). Registration is now open for 2016-2017 enrollment.

“Infants, more than any age group, need a great deal of flexibility and individual attention,” says Karen Giuffré, Voyagers’ founder and director. “So, a rhythm, rather than a ‘schedule,’ better describes what we provide so that each infant’s personality and potential shine through.” As independence and interests grow, a gradual transition to the toddler space is facilitated. “At Voyagers’,” Ms. Giuffré explains, “toddlers are seen as children with interests, ideas, and rights. Our educators view each child as a source of inspiration and delight— interpreters, inventors, idea makers, and always on the go.”

Child-to-staff ratios at Voyagers’ are kept low (4:1 for infants; 5:1 for toddlers) to assure dedicated, individual attention. Parents are welcome into the classroom to share experiences and skills and are regularly kept up to-date-on their child’s development and learning.

The Voyagers’ Infant to Toddler program will be open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Families can use these hours in the way that best meets their schedule. The school operates on a 10-month basis, with breaks and holidays. Families that need childcare in the before and after hours and during the summer months of July and August can choose from various options.

Full- and part-time tuition and fees for the 2016-2017 school years are available at Indexed tuition options are available for full-time enrollment.