Selling Lemonade For Charity

By Les Pierce

Spotting a lemonade stand set up along the road seems to invoke an uplifting mood. It just feels good that the youth of today, with all of their technical distractions, still find enjoyment in manning the old-fashioned refreshment stand.

The stand is also a sign that capitalism is embraced by our youth. However, when six local young ladies recognized that consecutive days of extreme heat created the opportunity to generate revenue, it was charity, not profits, that provided the motivation.

Lincroft residents Andrea Valentino, Emily Vuotto, and Marlys Wenzel, along with sisters Ella, Mia, and Anna Delfino, put up their stand in front of the Delfino residence, under the shade of a large maple tree on a hot August Sunday. They offered iced tea along with the lemonade and spent nearly an entire day working the stand and enjoying each other’s company. They reportedly did quite well in terms of sales.

As planned, the lemonade hawkers donated half of their revenues to a local charity. The next day, they presented a check personally, along with a card of well wishes.

Yes, a lemonade stand can be quite refreshing…and uplifting.