Seeking Submissions for The Journal’s New Teen Scene

Attention, local educators and school administrators!

The Journals of Colts Neck, Holmdel, and the Navesink Area are happy to announce plans for our new Teen Scene column. Each month, it will showcase a 400-word article written by a teen in our readership area – and we would like some of those articles to be written by your students.

While The Journals are always eager to share news stories about the accomplishments of the area’s students, the Teen Scene column will be different, as it will be written by each student about some unique part of their life or on a topic written from a student perspective. These would include topics such as, to name just a few:

* Special skill or unique hobby (i.e. domino champion, international folk dancer, animal trainer, etc.)

* Tips to peers on applying for college admission

* What it’s like living with someone going through a crisis

* Special successes such as “Making yourself an internet sensation” or “I invented something”

* Tips to parents on real-life topics like recognizing depression or drug use, ways kids cover up cyber surfing, the best way for parents to motivate children without pressuring them, etc.

* Milestone experiences all young adults go through, like buying your first car, getting your first job, etc.

The topics will be as diverse as the students themselves, but the defining element will be that the stories be honest and informative. Submissions should be no longer than 500 words at most; they may be less. Photos that support the story would also be welcome.

We’ll help with the final editing, and provide each student with a copy of their story with the “As Appeared in the Journal” logo for them to share with friends and family. The column would be published in our print publications, plus appear in the virtual issues of The Journals that are posted each month on our website at

You may have the students submit their stories directly to, or contact Lori Draz at or 732-735-5441 for more information.

We know your hallways and classrooms are full of intelligent, interesting young adults with something to share, so we invite you to help them put their words in our Teen Scene!
Joanne Colella
Vice President and Editor-in-Chief
The Journals