Safe Not Sorry Program

The Holmdel Police Department will be hosting its 6th Annual Safe Not Sorry program. This program was created to help the young women of the community to better understand the dangers they may face as college freshmen, but also in their everyday lives.  The program this year will be held over four nights on April 21, 23, 28,  and 30 at the Holmdel Community Center, located next door to Town Hall. Attendance at all four nights is mandatory for all students, and parents may attend if they would like, but it is not mandatory.

The purpose of the program is to give these young women the knowledge they need to reduce their risk of becoming a victim.  The program will cover:

Risk Reduction Strategies

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault

Self Defense Techniques

Personal Defense Weapons

Spring Break Safety

Bystander Effect

Reducing your chances of a sexual assault may be as simple as being aware of your environment and responding quickly to it.Young women, and their parents, will learn avoidance and awareness skills, and how to enforce boundaries, verbally and physically.  The self-defense portion of the program is a “hands-on” lesson, conducted by Holmdel police officers, to teach the techniques that can be used to increase your ability to avoid, respond, and escape from a sexual predator.

If anyone is interested in the program, they contact Lt. Michael Pigott at 732-946-9690, ext. 1742 or at  The applications can also be found at