On May 29, the Rumson Board of Education appointed Shari Feeney as  principal for Deane-Porter School and Amy Romano as district-wide Assistant Principal. 

Shari Feeney was chosen to replace Rich Karas, who has accepted a position in Jackson, NJ.  Ms. Feeney began her career in education in Rumson as a student teacher in the first grade at Deane-Porter and has spent the last 20 years in service to the students and families of Rumson.  Over the years, she has taught the fifth, sixth, and eighth grade at Forrestdale School in Rumson.  Ms. Feeney has created and implemented numerous initiatives, workshops, and committees.  She served as the dean of students for the past two years, where she split her time between Forrestdale School, which houses grades four through eight, and Deane-Porter School, grades pre-K to three.  During that time, she has come to know all of the students and staff from both buildings. 

“I am looking forward to working with our dedicated and talented staff,” Ms. Feeney said in an email to the Deane-Porter staff following her appointment.  “I feel fortunate to be joining a school culture focused on student learning, high expectations, innovative teaching, and collaboration.  It is my intention to continue to carry on these important traditions and practices. My door will always be open. I look forward to beginning the next chapter in my educational career where I first started teaching.”

Amy Romano comes to Rumson by way of the Howell Township Public Schools. During her career, she has taught second, third, and fourth grade. Over the last two years, Ms. Romano has assumed the role of lead teacher at the Ramtown Elementary School in Howell, assisting the principal with a variety of administrative and professional development responsibilities.  When she was appointed on May 29, she remarked how welcome she felt due to the wonderful reception she received from parents and Rumson staff.  She is looking forward with great excitement to joining the Rumson team.