RBR Teen Engages Her Peers to “Do Something” Through Teen Philanthropic Website

“My Generation has a ad rapDosomethingcampiagnofficial for being lazy and not so motivated or engaged to change things.” RBR senior Emma Craven states, “This website (dosomething.org) is trying to encourage people our age to get out there and help. The website lists all types of campaigns you can do, depending on any cause you might be interested in and the blueprint to do it.” She explains.

So since the summer, Emma and her friends have collected over 600 pieces of clothing for the poor, 100 pounds of candy to sent to our Troops overseas, threw a retro-board game party and donated the games to a family shelter, and collected over 650 cigarette butts to spare the landfill the non-biodegradable filters among other activities.

All these were ideas found on the dosomething.org website. The campaigns be as incredibly simple as using reusable water bottles versus plastic ones and collecting aluminum cans or as involved as teaching a senior citizen how to use a computer.

Emma Craven, who aspires to working in non-profit management, first became acquainted with the dosomething.org website when a speaker with an anti-bullying messaged was invited to RBR. He offered the website as positive activity for teenagers wanting to make a difference. Not only did Emma conduct her own campaigns from the site, she was also responsible for desgning them, as one of only three highs school teenagers hired by dosomething.org as a summer intern.  She worked with about 10 college interns in their campaigns department.

She comments, “We would talk about events in the news like when a natural disaster hits a town and figure out how that might lead to a campaign for teenagers to help the people affected.”

One of Emma’s most rewarding campaigns involved “bridging the generation gap” called “Past Picture Perfect”, whereby you find an old picture of a beloved relative and try to recreate yourself in the photo. Emma found a picture of her grandfather blowing a bugle in the German Bugle Core in Europe, circa 1940.  She dressed up in similar attire and recreated the bugle blowing event which was photographed for a heartwarming and most appreciated gift to her grandmother,

She and two RBR students, Morgan Grant and Samantha LaRocca, even won an on-line contest through the website.  The contest called “Thumb Wars” sought to dissuade distracting driving.  The teenagers were sent socks for their thumbs to wear while they recreated a famous driving scene.  (The thick thumb coverings prevent texting.) Morgan took the picture while the other ladies re-enacted a famous Harry Potter flying car scene wearing their “thumb socks”.

As an additional reward, the girls were invited to the televised HALO (Helping and Leading Others) awards in late November. There several teenagers from around the nation were honored for performing the most amazing dosomething.org campaigns.

Morgan comments on that memorable evening, “It was an interactive awards show, where the audience was included in the process in keeping with the theme of the website.  We were asked to all bring a new toy with us, and during the show we wrapped them and created cards for children in an orphanage.”

Since then, the ladies have continued to do something from ideas on the website and in their communities, and Emma Craven has been invited back to work for the dosomething.org website for a second internship this spring.

To learn more about the dosomething campaigns visit their website at: dosomething.org.