Medimorphosis Physician Assisted Weight Loss

D30ALLThe holiday season is rich in temptation. A thousand delicious reminders are everywhere, asking if you among the one-third of Americans who have been planning on taking control of your weight – and if so, what will you do?

You may have made many attempts at lasting weight loss and suffered through the self-doubt and letdowns. You may feel that controlling your weight is out of your control. But being overweight carries so many health risks, you can’t give up. If you are ready for a lasting change in a supportive environment with a customized, physician-supervised program, Medimorphosis Physician Assisted Weight Loss in Shrewsbury may be the solution.

Six years ago, Dr. Claudia Huegel, a dually board-certified family physician and bariatric physician, founded Medimorphosis with the goal of treating those who suffer with excess weight in a completely unique way. At Medimorphosis, their comprehensive approach starts with a complete medical evaluation. The purpose is to identify all issues that contribute to the patient’s weight. These may include physical, medical, environmental, behavioral, or emotional triggers. A treatment plan is then custom-designed and the initial 12-week-long phase includes weekly visits, a research-based and often genetically determined food plan, cognitive and behavioral counseling to help you change the way you think and lead to permanent behavioral change, along with medication where appropriate, and an arsenal of proven-effective tools for weight loss and maintenance. In addition, yoga instruction and mind-body medicine techniques such as meditation, biofeedback, and breathing techniques are incorporated into treatment. Every patient is an individual and, therefore, each program is customized to his or her specific needs.

The very effective program is appropriate for all ages, from eight to 80. It is especially helpful for those with medical conditions brought on by weight who require close monitoring and attention. Dr. Huegel is joined by her experienced and compassionate staff, including behavioral counselor Lisa Kaplan and family physician and bariatrician Dr. Carol Penn. No prior medical clearance is required and there are interest-free payment plans available, plus you can use your flexible spending accounts. The office cautions that prices will be increasing in 2017, so if you are making weight loss a New Year’s goal, call now and schedule a free consultation. Sign up with a friend and both will receive $100 off the initial phase. Medimorphosis even offers evening hours.

The practice is located at 499 Broad Street in Shrewsbury. Call (732) 389-0131 or visit their very comprehensive website at or find them on Facebook and Twitter.