Mater Dei Prep Introduces Academic Merit Societies

Mater Dei Prep has developed and updated four academic programs for the 2016-2017 school year under the new Academic Merit Societies. James Hauenstein, president and principal of Mater Dei Prep, shared, “After examining the course offerings at Mater Dei Prep the past year, I realized that by expanding existing programs and developing new offerings, we can further provide the exciting foundation to allow each student’s collegiate aspirations to flourish.”

Two programs, Capstone and the Collegiate Foundation Academy, formerly known as the Center for Achievement, are revamped programs, while the Presidential Scholars and the Exemplars program are new this year. All programs enhance Mater Dei Prep’s educational philosophy of individualized support for each student.

The revised Capstone program offers those students with the highest academic potential the opportunity to experience a variety of exploratory learning activities. In addition to maintaining a high grade point average, students in the Capstone program must participate in four experiential learning activities each year. These activities include a pre-teaching component and a post-trip reflective essay. This invitation-only program size is limited and includes a partial tuition stipend. The ultimate goal is to expand each capstone student’s experiences and use it to draw on for future plans.

Mater Dei Prep continues to recognize the learning needs of all students, including those with unique learning abilities. With the creation of the Collegiate Foundations Academy (formerly the Center for Achievement) the successful positive support model to assist students will be expanded to include a variety of collegiate support programs for all Mater Dei Prep students. Planned additions include a writing center, math center, study skills center, and a peer-tutoring program for underclassmen.

Students who possess strong academic potential and leadership, but lack the financial means to afford the Mater Dei Prep tuition, may be invited to the newly formed Presidential Scholars program. This select group of students will be given tuition assistance and a four-year academic course plan. The program was created and overseen by James Hauenstein, president and principal of Mater Dei Prep.

The other newly formed program in the Academic Merit Societies will utilize one of Mater Dei Prep’s largest resources: its alumni. Each alumnus Exemplar will pair with one student, using their unique background and work experience to assist the student in achieving their collegiate goals. The Exemplars may provide educational support and college admissions and career guidance.

All of the programs in the Academic Merit Societies are designed to enhance the already rigorous and individualized academic curriculum at Mater Dei Prep.

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