Knollwood School Students Mark “Week of Respect”

October 4 through 7 marked the Week of Respect, and students at Knollwood School in Fair Haven joined in a variety of educational and meaningful activities during the state-mandated week. All aspects of respect, from showing kindness to embracing differences, are reinforced throughout the year at Knollwood School. The students build on the understanding even more during the yearly Week of Respect. “The Week of Respect is a favorite celebration here at Knollwood School, thanks to the positive messages it sends out to our students,” said Principal Amy Romano.

To start the week, the student wore blue to Stomp Out Bullying. The events began with two separate assemblies held on October 4 entitled “The Right Choice” and “Worth It,” which were exciting interactive three-screen presentations. “The Right Choice” showed students in fourth and fifth grade how the choices they make regarding schoolwork, friendship, physical activity, nutrition, and more can affect them in both positive and negative ways. It showed that good decisions lead to positive actions, and that the right choices can lead to success in school and in life. “Worth It!” is designed to help sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students make decisions that will expand their opportunities. It showed that choosing what is best for us is often clouded by the way we view ourselves. It also showed that we often let others control our decisions, creating pressure to participate in negative behavior. Students learned they can take control of the decisions they make, like standing up to bullies, avoiding negative influences, and making choices that will expand their opportunities.

The programs were presented by Camfel presenters Victoria Rosales for “The Right Choice” and Ashlee Polarek for “Worth It!” Additional activities for Knollwood students during the Week of Respect included:

On Wednesday, October 5, students wore mismatched clothing to celebrate differences and sixth through eighth graders enjoyed “Mix It Up at Lunch Day.”

On October 6, students wore their favorite colors and were encouraged to make friends with someone wearing the same color.

On October 7, students wore their favorite team’s jersey, since “It’s no sweat to be a fan of respect!”

Knollwood school counselor and anti-bullying specialist Cara Pagán said, “Our goal is for our students to understand that when practiced every day, respect and kindness can make a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others.”