Collegiate Baseball League Seeking Host Families for 2014 Summer Season

The Atlantic Baseball Confederation Collegiate League (ABCCL, needs your help to get the 2014 season off to a great start! The league is currently seeking host families in Middlesex, Morris, Mercer, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties to house some of its out-of-state college players who will be competing at the Jersey Shore this summer.

The ABCCL, now going into its 14th season, brings together collegiate baseball players from all over the nation to participate in a highly competitive summer baseball league. These players all come highly recommended by their coaches as quality student-athletes, but more importantly as well-mannered young men. Without the opportunity provided by host families for a place to live during the summer months, many of these young men would not have the opportunity to live out their dreams of playing baseball at the highest level.

The players are more than willing to help out around the house, doing odd jobs like cutting lawns or cleaning pools, and are especially great as role models to younger children, as they’d be happy to train and teach the game to the kids.

The expectations of a host family are to provide housing for the player and, though not required, invitations to family meals are always welcome. Players will miss several meals a week due to practice and their four weekly games, and many of them also have summer jobs. The players either have their own cars or are on a carpool schedule and have their own transportation to and from games and work. A weekly stipend may also be available to help ease the cost of housing a player.

These players are just college kids with a dream and love of the game looking to enjoy a summer of baseball on the Jersey Shore. We understand that it’s a tough economy and money is tight almost everywhere, but housing a player is a truly rewarding experience that you won’t regret.

If you, or someone you know is interested or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to call Monique Koehler, ABCCL president, at (732)671-4370 or email anytime. We genuinely appreciate your help.

In Their Own Words

It’s a great experience, both for the players and the host families alike. Just ask Sue Finley. Sue and her husband Bill hosted Tom Cole, a player from the University of Massachusetts. “It was a pleasure to have Tom in our home and be part of our lives,” she said. “Tom quickly became like a member of our family, sharing meals with us, playing catch with my son and daughter and participating in our family games and activities. Tom also volunteered to dog sit when our family went on vacation, and even gave our son a haircut… and did a great job. Without question, the ABCCL host family program has been a great experience for us. I’d certainly recommend it to any family with a bit of room to spare in their home and in their hearts.”

What Does It Mean To Be An ABCCL Host Family?

• You provide your guest a place to sleep.
• Your guest joins you at family meals when he is present. He will miss at least 50% of them because of baseball games, practice, work, and social activities. He will be responsible for his own meals for those times.
• You don’t have to worry about giving your host any rides. He will have his own car or a carpool will be set-up to take him to work and his games.
• Many of our players were all-state athletes in several sports. They will be happy to take the time to teach any children you have some of the fine points of the various sports and to help as a volunteer assistant with your children’s youth teams (except when it conflicts with his games).
• Your guest will be between 18 and 21 years old (a college freshman, sophomore, or junior).
• Your guest will be a serious student-athlete from an excellent university and was recommended to us by his coach. He has a scholarship and is here in NJ to play competitive baseball to improve his skills and prepare him for his next season. Baseball and work will keep him very busy.
• Your guest will need to use your washer and dryer to keep his uniform clean. They will do their own laundry.
• If you are going away on vacation, we will provide temporary accommodations for your guest until you return.
• Our players are happy to run errands (including chauffeuring your children to their sporting activities) and household chores (such as lawn care, walking the dog, and anything else with which you need help).
• Your guest will arrive at the end of May and leave the first week in August.
• Many of our host families and players form lasting relationships and stay in touch long after they leave New Jersey.

About the ABCCL

Founded in 2000, the Atlantic Baseball Confederation Collegiate League is the premier amateur summer college baseball league operating entirely in New Jersey. The League brings together the best aspects of traditional baseball, including the exclusive use of wood bats, with the modern athlete in order to create the most competitive, instructive and enjoyable environment for its players, coaches, and fans. To learn more about the league, its history, accomplishments and unique charitable-giving mission, please visit the ABCCL website at