BUSINESS MATTERS by Glen J. Dalakian, Sr.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

                                                                                                                –Albert Schweitzer

 Happiness is Key to Success!

How many people do we know that have spent much of their life striving for what they thought was “success,” only to be left unfulfilled and miserable?  It’s important to be well-compensated for what you do, but doing what you love is even more critical. A mentor of mine once told me, “If you find something to do that you love, you’ll never work another day the rest of your life.” 

The top leaders in any field, 10% or so of any particular industry, make the most money and (in my estimation) another 20% or so make a good living. The rest (70% or more) usually just get by, week to week, as they struggle to make ends meet. But those who are excellent at what they do in almost any arena can often reach financial freedom and deep fulfillment. 

Working hard is not enough; we must be diligent in doing the very best we can within the industry we have chosen to commit our efforts. Many entrepreneurs started their business because they were good at a particular service, but they slowly became overwhelmed by day-to-day responsibilities that are outside of their key skill set. If you are not happy where you are, first see if it’s the industry or the current financial rewards. If it’s the industry, then it may be time for a change of venue. Perhaps you have been locked into a particular place out of habit, circumstance, or even fear? It’s never too late to change and now may be your best time.

If you enjoy what you do, but the finances are not what you had hoped for or need, it might be time to get it together and raise the bar on your level of performance. Seek out those more successful in your area of expertise and see how they are making it work. Read, attend seminars, network, and apply what you learn with a renewed commitment to excellence. If necessary, find a coach or other supportive person and ask for assistance; an objective viewpoint can often shine light on issues you may have overlooked.

Either way (wrong industry or less than desired returns), you can waste time reflecting on the past, but those who wish to win must look to the future and change for the better. Evaluate where you are and why and then take the steps necessary to ensure your happiness and financial future. You, and those around you, will be better and happier for it.