Holmdel September 11 Ceremony

By Joanne Colella

This month, Holmdel residents – together with Americans everywhere – will observe the 15th anniversary of our most tragic day in recent history, and remember with profound sadness the impact it had on our lives. More importantly, we will honor the memory of those who were lost. All township residents, friends, and families are invited to attend a memorial service that will be held on Sunday, September 11 at 10:00 a.m. at the Holmdel 9-11 Memorial, located in Memorial Circle in front of town hall on Crawfords Corner Road.

The magnificent Holmdel 9-11 Memorial was built and dedicated in 2004, after being beautifully designed by Holmdel resident and artist Kyle Galante. The two towering hands were cast in bronze to represent the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The memorial is nine feet tall and 11 feet wide and is made from 90,000 pounds of black granite.  The sidewalk around the sculpture depicts the Pentagon, and the four flight numbers of the planes lost are displayed on the granite base. The shields of the fire department, police department, EMS, and Port Authority Police are inscribed next to the names of loved ones lost. The words displayed below the hands – Freedom, Faith, Hope, Love, Peace, Liberty, Heroism, and Unity – were chosen by the families of the victims.  Concealed inside the memorial are letters written by the families to their loved ones. The scene of the World Financial District was meticulously hand etched on the front of the memorial by artist Philip Hagopian of Vermont. A black granite plaque, which is located on the pathway leading to the memorial, was added two years later to give visitors an explanation of the site. The American flag, along with other flags representing each division of our armed forces – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard – line the Memorial Circle. Situated under the American flag is another plaque, held aloft by two steel beams from the North Tower and South Tower of the World Trade Center. To this day, gardening around the memorial is tended to by loyal volunteers, and work was being done in time for the ceremony to fix the granite walkway that has shifted in recent years.

Names inscribed on the memorial include:

Holmdel Residents

Christopher E. Allingham                                           Paul V. Barbaro

Evan Jay Baron                                                              Michael P. LaForte

Chih Min “Dennis” Foo                                                Robert L. Horohoe, Jr.

Matthew Picerno                                                            Gregory M. Preziose

Gregg Reidy                                                                     Eric Stahlman


Immediate Family Members of Residents

Eric T. Allen-FDNY                                                                Peter Paul Apollo

Brett T. Bailey                                                                          Dominick E. Calia

Lt. Peter Louis Freund-FDNY                                              Frederick K. Hahn

Brendan M. Lang                                                                     Rosanne P. Lang

Robert Scandole, Jr.                                                                Eric Steen

James J. Straine, Jr.