Destination Marsville

A16R(2)On May 31, the mission was Mars as two teams of Forrestdale School’s fifth grade REP students participated in Marsville at Georgian Court University, which was organized by the Educational Resource and Informational Center.

The Marsville students created a colony of habitats in preparation for this simulated mission to Mars. Academic content, including mathematics, science, engineering, communication, and the arts, were all employed in the individual and group activities. The students worked through a series of tasks to solve specific biological and social problems to design life support systems. Forrestdale’s students used research conducted over the previous four months to design and create recreational systems.

Student teams from different schools collaborated to prepare for Marsville Link-Up Day. The students worked together to create a habitat crew, which designed their “housing” on Mars.

Each team wore uniforms and brought packed lunches that followed specific weight and nutritional guidelines. Habitat crews built their habitats made of construction plastic and duct tape, which were then inflated by air pressure from floor fans.

Forrestdale’s team, who worked with teams from Hainesport and Lopatcong, earned the “Best Habitat” award, where they were judged on habitat name, design, and collaboration.