Nature Through The Camera Lens

By Joanne Colella

Holmdel resident Ellen Rubinstein is using the art of photography to share unique images of nature, as seen through the lens of her camera. During the month of April, her work was on display, in rows of framed photographs, at the Wall Township Library’s community room. The opening of the exhibit was a successful event, with local residents attending, as well as friends and visitors from other towns. More than 40 framed nature prints were included, and a half dozen pieces were purchased.

“It is fulfilling to see visitors spend time studying a photograph,” said Ms. Rubinstein. “When this is followed by comments and questions, it makes the show more meaningful for me. One gentleman, born abroad, told me that my work reminded him of walks he used to take as a child. Another was fascinated with the light and shapes in one of the more abstract images. Several women were captivated by the colors, light, and unusual angles of floral subjects. Recently, I have tended toward abstractions, viewing natural scenes but exploring portions which give a different, often striking, impression. Some previously exhibited images of icicles fall into this category. A new piece, “Butterfly,” is the result of early spring light shining on water flowing over leaves from the previous fall. This work has not yet been exhibited, but will be included in my next show.”

Ms. Rubinstein explained that many of her images focus on local natural beauty, adding, “Of course, the world is full of spectacular visual delights. In my next exhibit, I plan to include images from travels to more distant places.”

The Manalapan Library, headquarters of the Monmouth County Library system, will be the venue for her next scheduled photography exhibit, in February 2017. She explained that, due to its relatively large size and desirable exhibit space, the room must be reserved well in advance. “It took a phone call in January of this year to book that space for February of the following year. There may be juried shows which come up before then, and I will consider entering. For now, I will focus my attention of selecting and preparing photographs from faraway locations.”

For those who may be unable to attend her various openings and exhibits, Ms. Rubinstein has set up a page on Facebook dedicated to her photographs, with new images added frequently. The online collection, like her exhibits, earns numerous accolades and follows the sequence of the seasons of the year. See them at

An adjunct professor of chemistry at Kean University, Ms. Rubinstein will have more free hours to dedicate to photography over the summer months and will be building her collection with an eye toward her next solo exhibit. To contact her about purchasing any of them, email