Business Matters: Amazing People

By Glen J. Dalakian, Sr.

How many people can honestly say they are excited about going to their dentist? Well that may be a slight stretch even for me, but I must say my dentist and her team make it a much more delightful experience than most. I’m not sure if she planned it this way, but her staff is full of life, smiles, and cheer, which makes the visit much less painful – in fact, I’d even say enjoyable (most of the time).

Just think: if the right (upbeat, energetic, warm) staff members can make even a dental appointment pleasant, what effect will this type of attitude have on your office? So many times, we, as committed entrepreneurs, put our heads down and go, go, go – striving to bring in more revenue. But is this just working harder, not smarter? When pleasantries can be a part of our day-to-day operations, the sales may go up, but more importantly, the stress will go down and the daily experience will improve. How would productivity be affected in your workplace if everyone enjoyed their day and the people around them? An employee walking in and looking forward to their time at work will have a profound effect on the success of any entity.

Working with amazing people can make all the difference in your business and your life. When we consider a new hire, skills are important, but attitude can be of even greater value. A smile goes a long way and a sincere caring for others will have a positive impact on any business interaction.  I, for one, am much more likely to buy from or work with an energetic and warmhearted person than someone who just “knows their stuff.” Like many people, I might even pay more, and certainly be a more loyal customer, for the uplifting experience of working with someone who is kind and professional.

It can be the little things that add up to a warm and appealing relationship. Perhaps you can step back and evaluate if your organization is where you would like it to be. Is your work environment welcoming and pleasant?  Do people greet each other with smiles and inviting hellos? Does your staff know that you desire to have a positive work experience for everyone on the team? Do encouragement and kudos flow freely on a daily basis?  Are you (the leader) the most upbeat person in the group?

Here are a few points you may consider in your next candidate interview or employee review:

1) Are they excited about what they do?

2) Is their enthusiasm matched by their attire and presentation?

3) Do they speak with kind and professional words?

4) Are they listeners who are engaged in the conversation?

5) Are they sincere in their responses or just repeating what they think you want to hear?

Start with smiles. They can take you a long way towards a happier professional experience.