Little Silver Garden Club Learns About Ikebana Design

D14NAt its November 10 meeting, the Little Silver Garden Club welcomed designer Marina Kerber, who demonstrated three styles of Japanese ikebana floral arrangements. Ms. Kerber, who studied at the Sogetsu School of ikebana design, discussed the history of ikebana as well as the basic principles of three ikebana styles during her demonstration lesson.

Speaking while she deftly arranged fall flowers and branches, she first created a design in the moribana style, which uses a shallow container.  Next came a design in the nageire style, using a tall container.  Finally, she demonstrated freestyle, which follows basic principles but is less constrained and more creative.  Members received a handout summarizing the basic principles and asked questions about the process.

Upcoming activities for the Little Silver Garden Club will focus on creating holiday-themed arrangements for use in borough offices and businesses, as well as decorating the boxes at the Little Silver train station. The club’s outreach to the primary school through its Evergreens program and its monthly visits to the Meridian Care facility in Shrewsbury continue throughout the year.

Regular meetings will resume on January 12.  All meetings are held at the Little Silver Women’s Club (Church Street at Rumson Road) at 9:30 a.m. and visitors are always welcome. For further information, please call club president Diane Primavera at (732) 643-8546 or vice president Kathy Heller at (732) 938-4609.